Rep. Michelle Caldier – Disturbing Environmental Record

Michelle Caldier has a disturbing voting record on the environment!

Her record on the environment reflects the pro-polluter agenda of the Trump Republicans.

Here are some receipts showing that Michelle Caldier is no moderate, and does not have our community’s best interests at heart.

She voted against environmental protections at least 15 times in 2019 alone!

In 2019 she voted:

  • AGAINST! Protections for our dwindling Southern Resident Killer Whale (Orcas) population (HB 1579)
  • AGAINST! Preventing toxic pollution in the Puget Sound (HB 5135)
  • AGAINST! Regulation/prohibition of fracking  (SB5145)
  • AGAINST! Studies for electrification of public vehicles  (HB1512)
  • AGAINST! Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. (HB 1257, SB 5116, HB 1110)
  • AGAINST! Drought preparedness (HB 1622)

In a time of increasing destruction of our Puget Sounds wildlife and environment we need someone willing to hold polluters accountable for cleaning up their own mess and shifting our economy to the clean energy ideas of the future.

It’s not too late but it will take courage and that is something Michelle seems to lack.

Washington Democrats believe we need to urgently address Climate Change issues and hold it as a top priority!

We need a representative with the strength to make the hard votes for our future – not just pay lip service to it. Michelle Caldier prefers polluters.

Michelle Caldier's Record: WA

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