Michelle Caldier does not support women!

Healthcare. Workplace safety. Maternity care. Reproductive rights.

Caldier has voted against all of those.

Michelle Caldier tries to paint herself as a caring bi-partisan player, but that is a facade. She is an acute conservative who votes right along the Trump party line. And that is not good for women.

In fact, over her entire career, less than 9% of her votes have been against her party’s majority.

Right in line with her party leader, Donald Trump, Caldier’s votes reflect a shocking disregard for issues that women (and men who care about women) care about deeply.

Here is a small sampling of her votes:

AGAINST a measure to prevent sexual harassment and assault of isolated workers. (SB 5258 – 2020)

AGAINST Requiring Healthcare plans to cover contraceptives.

(SB6219 – 2018)

AGAINST the formation of a Women’s Commission. (HB2759 - 2018)

AGAINST paid family and medical leave. (HB1399 -2019)

AGAINST Requiring businesses to provide proper accommodations for pregnant women. (HB2307 – 2016)

AGAINST Reforms regarding rest, overtime, and meal breaks for healthcare workers. (HB1155-2019) (HB1715 – 2017)

AGAINST Labor protections for domestic workers. (HB2511 – 2020)

These votes do not reflect the values of the 26th LD, where we hope our daughters (and sons) will have an equitable, prosperous, and healthy future.