Michelle Caldier Is a Trump Republican

Michelle Caldier is a Republican through and through.
Her party is the party of Trump – it is what it is --

Caldier takes every opportunity to proudly proclaim her bi-partisan efforts and chat about how well she reaches across the aisle. She claims that even though she is in the minority party, she gets lots of amendments accepted and bills passed.


In 9 out of 10 votes, Caldier votes right along the Republican party line.

In 3 terms, she has introduced 52 bills, and only 17 have passed.
8 were concerning dental practices, a nod to one of her biggest group of donors.

In 6 years, she has only offered 33 amendments – this is out of 3737 votes! Only about half of those amendments were accepted.

Over 50 times, she has been one of a tiny group of dissenting votes, often with just one or two others.

In fact, she rarely votes against her party (less than 1 out of 10 votes), but when she does, she is often in the extreme minority! This means that although she did vote against her party, she voted against the Democrats as well! Voting against everyone may be odd, but it is not bi partisan.

Our district is a deeply purple district – we need someone who can truly represent all of the constituents, and not merely throw an occasional token vote across the aisle.