Is Rep. Michelle Caldier a RINO? Nope!

Michelle Caldier is a blood-red Republican! Although she would have us believe she is a moderate, and works in a bi-partisan fashion, in reality, she is perfectly aligned with the far-right drift of the Republican Party. Some on the right-wing fringe even attempt to portray her as a RINO (Republican in name only), but that is patently false.

 In fact, her voting record reveals she has voted along Republican party lines a dozen more times than her ultra-extremist State Housemate, Jesse Young!

On key issues that Democrats care about – healthcare, education, housing, sensible gun laws, and especially the environment, Caldier votes straight along the Republican party line.

A small sampling of progressive legislation Michelle Caldier opposed in 2019:

  • AGAINST! Increasing access to healthcare (SB 5526)
  • AGAINST! K-12 Education funding (HB 2140 & HB 2163)
  • AGAINST! Strengthening workers’ rights through collective bargaining (HB1575)
  • AGAINST! Red Flag law regarding firearms (SB5205)

Some of Michelle Caldier’s grades for 2019:

  • “F” -- NARAL - Pro Choice America
  • “30%” -- Washington State Labor Council
  • “D” -- Alliance for Gun Responsibility

Michelle Caldier's Record: WA

Her positions are not bi-partisan in the least; in fact, she is right in line with her Republican confederates.

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