Michelle Caldier stands firmly with Big Pharma and Insurers on Drug Pricing

No one should die because they cannot afford insulin.

Michelle Caldier stands firmly with Big Pharma and Insurers on Drug Pricing.

 Caldier voted NO on a popular bi-partisan bill to reign in soaring costs of insulin. The bill restricts patient out-of-pocket costs for insulin to $100/month.                         (SB 6087 - 2019-20)

Few people do not have a loved one who is affected by diabetes.

Almost a million Washingtonians have the disease and it is the sixth leading cause of death. A 2018 study found one-quarter of patients with diabetes reported using less insulin than prescribed due to the high cost.

The results of insulin rationing can often be deadly. While rationing insulin does not always lead to death, it can cause dangerous complications such as blindness, loss of limbs, or kidney failure.

She has a pattern of voting against the interests of patients.

She voted NO on enhancing drug pricing transparency. (HB2170)

She voted NO on financial transparency for hospitals and other facilities. (HB2036)

We have previous reported that Caldier has received substantial financial support from the Health Care industry over the years. Pharma and Insurance giants like Eli Lilly, Bristol Myers Squibb, Abbot Labs, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson and PHRMA PAC, Premera Blue Cross, Pemco, and United Health that all have been very faithful benefactors, helping fill her war chest every election.

Is Michelle Caldier looking after the health of the 26th LD citizens or lining the pocketbooks of her donors? We need a representative who works in the interest of the people in the 26th LD and is not beholden to the lobbyist of the Pharma giants.