Michelle Caldier – Votes Against Transportation


Michelle Caldier talks a good game when she tells her 26th LD constituents that she wants to improve transportation issues in our area.

Let’s take a close look at her record.

During the 2019 legislative session, Michelle voted against 7 of 9 bills concerning Transportation.

Her voting record on transportation was far worse than Jesse Young, who only voted against 4 of 9 bills.

Michelle was one of only 2 legislators in both the House and Senate (145-2) to vote against HB 1160 the final Transportation Budget that appropriated $9.837 billion for state transportation agencies and programs for the 2019-21 fiscal biennium. Even Jesse Young voted YES on this bill.

Caldier’s May 28, 2019 newsletter states she voted against new transportation budget in part because it included $187 million to pay for a new 144-car hybrid-electric ferry, less than 2% of the total budget. Caldier said “This is part of the reason I voted against the transportation budget and opposed House Bill 2161.” No other reason was listed.

Watch what Michelle Caldier DOES, not what she says.

Her anti-transportation votes in 2019:

Michelle Caldier's Voting Record: WA

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